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Why the need for The Eva Smith Bursary?

There continues to be a disproportionate number of African youth in the court and criminal justice system.   In addition, the increasing cost of post-secondary education further limits accessibility at a time when more specialized skills are in demand.   Therefore  it is necessary to emphasize the importance of post-secondary education and to assist our African youth financially, where possible.

The Eva Smith Achievement Association’s mission is to offer assistance to communities where support is most needed  in providing opportunities for Canadian African youths to pursue their dreams in completing their post-secondary education.

What is The Eva Smith Achievement Association?

  • Provides leadership on the issue of education particularly in relation to African Canadian youth.
  • Provides resource support to students and young people from the African Canadian community through the co-ordination and promotion of The Eva Smith Bursary, learning material, mentors and information.
  • Provides academic supports for African Canadian students.
  • Works with relevant educational institutions to support the development of African Canadian students.
  • Works cooperatively with other community initiatives which serve to advance the priorities of African Canadian youth.

If you know someone or would like to be considered for The Eva Smith Bursary, please read the Eligibility List below and we welcome your application.

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