Welcome to the Eva Smith Bursary

Eva Smith was a dedicated African Canadian who spent her time around issues of equity, discrimination, women rights, youth rights and educational access.

She was instrumental in organizing workshops, seminars, conferences and parent meetings aimed at promoting the importance of parental involvement and advocacy in education, helping to reduce racism in the school system and fighting the high drop-out rate in our community.  Eva Smith worked with African Canadian parents to facilitate their understanding of the Canadian school system.  She has been consistent in highlighting the beneficial impact on our community's economic, social and political development.  She stressed the need for collective vigilance in the education of our children.

Eva Smith has left her legacy and the ESAA Team continues to help many African Canadian youths realize their dreams.  We encourage you to learn how you can be apart of ESAA, either in donating, volunteering or be a recipient of the Eva Smith Bursary.

... please take the time to navigate our site and should you decide to be apart of the Eva Smith Achievement Association, we welcome your participation.  Give us a call at 416-755-8827, or send us an email at info@evasmithbursary.ca