How to Volunteer?

How to Volunteer…

To successfully continue Eva Smith's passion, many have taken her legacy with great pride and continue to operate The Eva Smith Bursary, offering assistance to many African Canadian youths.  We cannot do this alone and with the many projects and events we have per year, we welcome your assistance as a Eva Smith Volunteer. There are many ways to offer your support to ESAA:

  • By volunteering in fundraising and other bursary related activities.
  • Volunteering your time on a committee.
  • Supporting fundraising events.
  • By inviting us to speak at your high school, college, university, church, prison, community organization, etc.
  • By promoting awareness of the Bursary.
  • By encouraging others to make a yearly financial commitment to the Bursary.

Without you, we cannot continue to help young African Canadians realize their dreams.  Please join us in assisting our young people by contacting us at our email address, We sincerely thank you for your interest in ESAA.

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